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Why choose the IPECS phone system for your Business?

With more than 20 years of experience in voice communications technology, LG-Ericsson knows how complex voice features should be implemented and more importantly understand how features are most effectively used. The development of the IPECS Platform has spanned 10 years with LG-Ericsson's world class Engineering teams developing a truly unique solution for the SMB. 

"Until now this level of communications technology has been beyond the

reach of all but the largest corporations."


Only through intense focus on four primary aims has LG-Ericsson managed to create the IPECS and a true Revolution in SMB communications technology:

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Cost is a primary concern for all organisations no matter their size or type, and is exacerbated in times of economic uncertainty. The IPECS Business Telephone System is an ideal solution as it has been developed with affordability as a primary driver, it really is Unified Communications you can afford. Many other manufacturers of telephone systems do offer a greater range of features, many of which would remain unused, but the cost to feature ratio of the IPECS is much lower. This means that you can benefit from 90% of the features but at only 30% of the cost when compared to other Pure IP Platforms from other manufacturers.


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LG-Ericsson is an internationally renowned manufacturer of quality telephony solutions, from the smallest office system to massive carrier level equipment. This expertise in Research and Development allows LG-Ericsson to implement the very best, proven, technologies in all their solutions.

The IPECS has been developed 'from the ground up', which means that it is not limited to the scope of other IP telephone systems, it has not been developed as a me-too solution. Although many of the features of IPECS are standard on many systems, the IPECS does sport some unique abilities

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The technologies implemented in the IPECS phone system are all proven, stable and conform to international standards.

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Investing in new technology often means replacing existing equipment and looking at a number of factors when choosing replacements to ensure that any technology dovetails with your 'Green' policies and aims. The IPECS Platform is an ideal candidate for existing LG-Ericsson (or LG / Goldstar) telephone system owners as many of the legacy handsets can be redeployed on the IPECS - allowing you to benefit from the improved features but minimising on waste (and cost).


The IPECS' design also takes into account the environmental impact of changing or implementing technologies through a combination of material and power reducing design factors. Each Professional or Executive phone comes with a secondary LAN connection point which allows you to only install 1 data point per desk for both your telephone and computer. All the 8000 Series telephones can be powered via the Network by using POE (Power over Ethernet) switches - reducing the overall power point requirements of the building and reducing overall power consumption. The 8000 Series handsets can also be set to reduce their standby power consumption by disabling features such as the back light, further reducing their power consumption. 


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The IPECS phone system is designed around the user with a host of easy to use features that really make a difference to the way you communicate. Teams can work efficiently even if globally dispersed by using on-demand Audio and Video conferencing, PC Application sharing and intelligent call routing. When using LG-Ericsson telephones on the system you can benefit from one-touch access to frequent features and numbers, eliminating the need to remember complex codes and routines for your day-to-day operations.



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