What are the ways I can install a Call Server or Gateway?

Option 1: The usual 19" Rack Mount

An IPECS cabinet can be mounted in a standard 19" rack allowing up to 10 modules to be neatly incorporated into a single cabinet occupying 9U of space including the top power supply unit. The additional Single Line Telephone Module, which allows connection of 32 analogue extensions can also be included in the rack and occupies an additional 2U.


Option 2: The Desktop Mount

The Desktop or Floor mount allows the glass-fronted IPECS cabinet to be floor or desk mounted

Option 3: Standard System Wall Mount

System Wall Mount

Option 4: Module Wall Mount

Modules can be wall mounted on individual mounting brackets allowing you to install the module in a very small area close to the facility the module connects to. This is especially useful for placing modules by incoming line points and where user groups are located using the LDP-7000 Series telephones which require an interface module.

Option 5: Book End Mount

Book MountThe book end mount system allows you to group modules into a small space for placing on a desk or shelf. The modules have been designed to link together and to the book ends to form a solid block, much like lego bricks. This configuration is ideal for installations in branch offices where space is a major consideration and the infrastructure of a normal main office is unavailable.

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